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Also called Pattern Imprinted concrete, Increte, Decorative Stamped Concrete or Creative Paving.

CREATIVE PAVING™️ is the highly innovative method of stamping the surface of freshly poured concrete to simulate the look of Brick, Slate, Tile, Stone and Even Wood!!

With the recent spike in prices of goods and services across the country, basic stamped concrete costs from about N17,500 per Sqm to the limits you set (June 2024).

The cost of Decorative Concrete Stamping in Lagos can vary significantly based on the specifications and complexity of the project. The most affordable options typically involve a single pattern and colour, while more expensive installations may feature multi-pattern designs and special colouring effects. Additionally, the soil’s bearing capacity and the expected traffic on the pavement will influence the required thickness of the concrete and the reinforcement specifications. All these factors will impact the final cost.

It can crack, spall, scale, craze and so on. Concrete is a ubiquitous material used in both commercial and residential construction due to its durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. However, like any other building material, concrete is not immune to problems that can arise when not properly installed.

It’s not DIY-friendly. The process of pouring and stamping concrete requires expertise and special tools, and may not be the best DIY project, neither is it adviseable to award it to the first vendor with a call card and some photographs. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to mix and work the concrete for best results.

Repairs can be difficult, sometimes impossible. Once concrete starts to harden, any mistakes can be difficult to fix. Defects or poor workmanship on stamped concrete can be difficult nay impossible to repair.

Avoid stories that touch the heart, call us for your Decorative Concrete Projects.

“Better” depends on personal preferences. However, Creative Paving offers advantages like greater design flexibility, superior strength, better weather and stain resistance.

  • It will not spread or sink.
  • It will not harbour weeds.

Provided it’s installed correctly and adequately maintained, Creative Paving will last just as long as non-stamped, or standard, concrete—about 30, 40 years, maybe longer.

Some ARTSCAPES Pavements are in their twenties and they’re still looking desirable. Regular Maintenance is the key.

The ART of Creative Paving by ARTSCAPES is definitely a good investment which adds to property value. We help homeowners and developers design and build pavements that enhance the aesthetic appeal of their property.

Artscapes Concrete installation is applicable in both residential and commercial settings. We employ innovative finishing techniques for patios, sidewalks, driveways, gallery, shop or garage floors—transforming any concrete surface into a decorative feature.

World renown Bayferrox®️ Iron Oxide Pigments are the bedrock of Artscapes Colour Hardener. Years of observing the performance of coloured concrete products exposed to different location-specific and climate-specific conditions have proven that Bayferrox®️ products exhibit particularly high durability due to their color stability and resistance properties.

However, consistent maintenance and using a suitable sealer are crucial for protecting the pavement from rain, intense sunlight, high winds, and other natural elements.

First, it’s essential to regularly remove debris and clean the surfaces using a mild detergent, a garden hose, and a soft-bristled push broom at least every two weeks.

Also, resealing the surfaces every two years to protect the concrete surface, maintain vibrant colour, and keep it’s luxurious look. Alternatively, the floor can be resealed every time the house is repainted.

Whether the pavement is Interlocking Paving Stones, Plain or Decorative Concrete, our Landscape architects ensure that the outdoor space design blends the hardscapes and softscape elements harmoniously.

Proper drainage is incorporated into the landscape design and construction to prevent water pooling, property damage, and to comply with local regulations. Features like catch basins, channel drains, or French drains are incorporated to effectively manage run-off water.

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