How to Colour Concrete?

- There are two main ways to colour concrete

  • The first uses a dry pigment that is brushed across concrete once it has been laid
  • The second uses liquid or dry pigment that is mixed into the concrete before it is poured

Coloured concrete has so many great benefits as a building and decorative medium:

Durable: Concrete is a very durable material that is sure to last for many years with very little to no maintenance required.

Flexible: As a mouldable material, concrete provides you with design flexibility that is far greater than that of many other architectural materials.

Colour Consistency: Not only are a wide range of different colours available with extra bespoke options, they will be consistent and look effective.

Fade Resistant: Whether use inside or outside, coloured concrete is that it is fade resistant and weatherproof no matter how much sunlight or rain it is exposed to.

Advantages of Bayferrox and Scholz
  • Powerful tinting strenght for coloured concrete with great cost benefits, due to less maintenance requirement.
  • Superior durability and performance in construction materials
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Excellent UV ray & weather resistance
  • Wide variety of colours achievable
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